The chemical formula of art

Chemicals and Technical Service for Tanneries

Chemicals and Technical Service for Tanneries

Lamberti is one of the leading producers of polymers and chemical specialties for high performance leather finishing. Innovation, creativity and development of industrial sustainability are an integral part of the Lamberti Group strategy.

 The Lamberti brand represents a range of high performance products for leather finishing, with the objective to satisfy the customer's needs, proposing innovative products and applications combined with high standards of quality and sustainability.

The Technical Competence Center, located in Trissino (VI), is fully dedicated to the production, research, development and technical assistance of leather finishing products and articles.

We produce ready-to-use formulations mostly based on water-borne acrylic and urethane polymers. 

Our strength is in the combination of the "formulation chemistry" knowledge, which together with the "application skill" we transform into effects and articles on the skin.
That’s why we can claim: we know the “chemical formula of art".

Our brand, divided into different product families, is widely recognized for excellence in the Upholstery sector, offering a wide range of products and technical support for other sectors including Automotive, Leather Goods and Footware markets.

The Lamberti brand on Leather

The Lamberti brand on Leather

PREFONDI, the pre-basecoat for leather upgrading to be applied manually by spatula, roller coating or spray depending on the type and severity of defects to be treated.

LAMBINDER C, are basecoats for each type of finished leather, developed for upholstery, automotive, footwear and leather goods sectors and specifically suitable for embossed half grain and full grain leather. 

NOVA, the leading technology for Topcoat applications. A wide range of topcoats developed to meet the needs of a large number of applications. Matt, shiny with pleasant touches and suitable for various leather articles. Furthermore the NOVA LAQ series represents a new generation of water-based topcoats developed to replace solvent-based technology.

LAMBINDER acrylic resins and LAMPUR polyurethane water based dispersions offer a broad range of products which includes virtually all types of synthetic polymers required for high quality finishing.

Auxiliaries to produce effects that follow trends and fashion. NOVA NUVOLA for a two-tone effect and LAMFILLER to create double-tone effects with anti-tack properties. LAMPUR NUBUK to reproduce suede effect whilst maintaining the resistance of finished leather. LAMWAX for wax effects, filling effect and touch modifiers. LAMSOFT, silicone based products which modify the touch and mechanical resistance chemical-physical resistances of topcoats providing the desired effect.  LAMFIX, a series of nitro emulsion based products used as intermediates and final topcoats.